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Money Builder Program

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When you become a member of Rotatelinks Pro you will earn a share of any monthly Money Builder funds received provided you use the rotator in your own advertising. (1 rotator show = 1 Ca$h $hare which is eligible for payouts every month for a whole year!) 35% of the net profits from RotateLink Pro Upgrades and advertising, from our network sites and from selected 3rd party businesses make up the Money Builder funds. (More details below) There are no guarantees as to amounts received and is totally dependent on the RotateLink Pro Member activity.

A matching 35% will also be added to the Asset Based Community Payday Reward System where everybody is a winner!!

How Members Earn From The Money Builder

Members earn a share of the funds accumulated within the Money Builder depending on their rotator usage combined with their current membership level multiplier. To determine this the total rotation use liability needs to be calculated.

Once a month your total rotations within the previous twelve months are multiplied by 1 (Free Members), 3 (Gold Members) or 7 (Elite Members). These amounts for all active members are then added together. This is our total Rotation Use Liability (RUL). Money Builder Funds are then divided by the RUL. We then calculate the CashBack payments owed to each member, which are payable on request provided you have followed the payment procedures as per instructions provided in the RotateLinks Pro member area.

You can advertise anywhere except on autosurfs. All rotator activity from this source will be ignored, any rotations earned from these methods will be excluded from your totals and you will be deemed as non-active for the month that this breach of conduct occurs. Repeat offenders will be deleted from our database and any cash due will be forfeit. You have been WARNED!!


You are a Gold Member and in your first month you show your rotator 1000 times. As a Gold Member you would be entitled to 3000 shares in the Money Builder. If the Money Builder is valued at $100 and members have combined payouts based on a 80000 RUL then you would receive $3.75 CashBack just for advertising your opportunity using RotateLinks Pro!

All profits are calculated after the payouts of member commissions, subscriptions and payment processor fees have been deducted.

Money Builder funds are predominately built up from the sales of our Traffic Packages after sales commissions and our costs have been deducted. Other income sources will be added over time. The notes below expand on this.

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* 35% of Rotatelink Pro profits from membership subscriptions and advertising sales.

* 35% of commissions received from any third party sites that we allow to display on our site, including those showing on our 125 x 125 Banner Wall.

* 35% of commissions received from 60 Evergreen Instaffiliate Niche Review Websites promoting more than 380 ClickBank Income Streams via our Direct Information Sharing Community, which includes Amazon Links as well - This a real GAME CHANGER for Money Builder

* 35% of any FileFactory download payments after any fees from our e-Library.

* 35% of commissions received from Amazon and TripleClicks for the purchase of goods or services made via the affiliate links below. This also includes any Amazon Niche sites that may be shown or added in the future. Obviously, the more members pull together in this the more money will there will be to add to the Money Builder.




Obviously, the amount of money that could be raised through the Amazon links is unlimited as far as we are concerned so, provided the members pull together, the potential of the Money Builder Fund each month is also unlimited. Definitely food for thought!

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