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Would you make a one time payment of $4.90 from your own money plus spend an hour a day promoting a single link online for the next few years if you knew that you could be earning $10,894.63+ a year every year thereafter without lifting a finger?

How? It's really very easy - Find any task that makes you money, repeat to earn more, get others to copy you - earn unlimited!!

If there was a business that you probably have already heard about and dismissed as penny income and not worth your time, but I gave you a plan that could make you $10K or more only working part-time, would you be interested in taking another look?

Step 1: Join PIF Explosion for free
PIF Exlosion is one of our 3 Core Programs, the other two being Clixsense for short term profits and SFI for long term profits.

Step 2: Purchase a $4.90 Diamond member Upgrade
You do not even have to do this - Just from clicking Solo Ad Links you can earn enough to upgrade without spending 1 penny of your own money!

If you do decide to make a purchase you will also receive Credits & a Pro Upgrade at their partner website - All4Pro.
Pro All4Pro memberships are reserved for members of any of their Network of Programs who have made at least one purchase
without any additional spending by you!

WOW!! Basically hundreds of known BUYERS all in one place where you can promote any opportunity at no extra cost.

Step 3: Back To PIF Explosion - Earn yourself a minimum of 2 cents a day on average clicking links.
This will cover your $4.90 and make you a small profit over the year which will ensure you get your investment back even if you decide not to follow the plan!

Step 4: Every time you are due $10 from commissions and/or clicking solo ads buy 1 position under your original position and withdraw $5
The first time you do this you will have recovered your original investment in full plus added another income generating position to your portfolio.

Step 5: Find just 3 people who would be willing to follow in your footsteps.

Step 6: Keep clicking links to ensure you can keep this system going regardless of how good you are at introducing it to others.
Encourage your followers to do the same and to find 3 people to follow this plan.

Step 7: Retire when you think you have earned enough to not bother with the plan any more!
Your position income will eventually stop, but you'll be long gone before it does - personally, I think the internet will be long gone before your first 15 level matrix will be full, let alone any subsequest positions you buy :-)

The Plan Overview

Your $4.90 buys you a Diamond membership at PIF Explosion. This is the seriously overlooked jewel in the crown when it comes to making money, mainly because it is based on a 3 wide * 15 level matrix.

The argument that is always put forward against this type of payplan structure, is there is not enough people in the world to continue this indefinately. This is true, provided no new people are ever born and come of age or become interested in an online income and, this is the main counter-argument I have against these sweeping generalisations from individuals that do not know what they are talking about, you do not need people, you need money to buy advertising and there is already plenty of that about (Just ask Coca Cola - they spend more on advertising than some countries complete annual budget!) with millions more being printed everyday!

If you have no money you should still sign up for the free advertising and then click solo ads. Eventually, you will earn enough to cover your upgrade cost (probably about 2500 clicks.) so you will never have to use your own money. You can easily earn a few cents a day just from clicking.

Your own Diamond membership entitles you to earn for every Diamond member that signs up from your recruiting efforts down a massive 15 levels.

If you introduce 3 people who sign up as a Diamond members and they do the same down through all 15 levels you would be generating a serious income even though you only receive between $0.05 - $0.75 for each one. You will only have 3 people on your 1st level. Everybody who follows you and achieves their goal will ultimately have at least 3 followers in their 1st level, giving you 9 people in your 2nd level. Roll the clock forward and each of these people will recruit 3 members, giving you 27 on your 3rd level, 81 on your 4th level, etc., etc.

If this was to go according to the plan you would need over 14 million Diamond positions under every position you have purchased all of which would be contributing to your income!

Will it go according to the plan? Of course not, mathematically it can, getting 3 Diamond members each is doable, but the reality is that this just will not happen. However, just think of how happy you would be if your group achieved just 2% of this target, that's still $10,894.63 income for you for very part-time effort plus over 2000 more income generating positions! Personally, I have no intention of purchasing 2000 positions and will probably stop when I reach 100 and just take all the money!

Most people give up because they struggle to find an effective way to get members. You will be successful if you and your followers stick to the plan and stay consistent, but to do that you need an effective advertising method. If you do not already have one, I can show you that below as well...

Not sure how to recruit 1 person let alone more?